Biomass Power Plants

Biomass which are using conventional systems are recently more attractive then other renewable power technologies recently.  Considering other renewable technologies, with the same installed capacity these systems have same investment capital but least two times shorter investment return duration with their higher capacity factors. The other adding values of these projects are government’s recent incentives which are guaranteeing to buy energy productions as other renewable systems.

▸Investment Feasibility Studies and Concept Design,

▸Technical and Financial Analysis,

▸Fuel Supply Analyses,

▸Legislation and Regulation Analyses and Licencing Procedure,

▸Capex and Opex Forecasts,

▸Strategy Development and Determining Road Maps,

▸Environmental Assessments,

▸EPC Turnkey Solutions,

▸Owner’s Engineering and Project Management,

▸Tender and Contract Management,

▸Procurement and Supply Consultancy,

▸Technical Advisory & Commissioning Services,

▸Funding and Financial Models Development.