AGATHON ENERJİ provides project management solutions for its client in order to realize their project from planning, designing to construction and commission.

Our related SERVICES Consist of

▸Design Engineering,

▸Detailed Engineering,

▸Cost Engineering,

▸Procurement & Supply Consultancy,

▸Project Tender Management,

▸Project and Time Management,

▸Site Management,

▸Technical Advisory and Commissioning Services.


We develop a very widen network to bring global solution to our clients in energy sector. For every energy generation system we deal with technology providers and vendors to maintain exactly right requirements. We believe that identifying the exact requirements for the projects has the most important role on decreasing project budget. Without technical knowledge of the requirement every step will be lost of time and money.

▸Identification of Right Technical Requirements,

▸Related Standard and Regulation Requirements,

▸Global Resourcing, Vendor, Supplier and Technology Provider Research

▸Funding and Procurement Financial Model Development,

▸Logistic Solution and alternatives,

▸Gatherings and Comparison of Proposals in Accordance with the Technical Specifications and Tender Documents.